Hi from Zach and Tricia Tift at TFTWood!! 

We are a family owned and operated business in Albuquerque, NM. Our master carpenter is an Active Duty service-member stationed locally. We handcraft beautiful, quality products ranging from cutting boards to custom tables. As our name states, we are a woodworking FAMILY tree and therefore involve our three little branches (Charlotte, Adam & Victoria) in the design and execution of many of our pieces. We love what we do and are blessed to do what we love!


In case you were curious - this is how long until we will can wood work FULL TIME!!! WAHOO!

Danielle .jpg

Meet our Creative Illustrator, Danielle Abfalter

This fabulous woman has been an honorary family member for approximately 20 years or so. She is incredibly talented and we are beyond blessed to have her on board as our Creative Illustrator at TFTWood. From basic sketches to full blown artwork, her designs are beyond gorgeous! We cannot wait what she creates next!