Why did we rebrand?

Why did we rebrand?

Hi friends, it’s the TFTWood Team out in Montana. You may have wondered what happened to that little company that used to be in Albuquerque, NM…didn’t they relocate a year or so ago? Why yes we did! And didn’t they make the coolest wood products by hand in their woodshop? Why yes we did that too! But then they kind of disappeared and I haven’t heard much in the last few months…whatever happened….well if you’ve read this far, thank you, and settle in for a quick recap.

Where have you been?

Over the last two years, the TFTWood team has been hard at work building a home in the wilderness of Montana. Yes the city folk have migrated north and traded in day jobs for the dream of living a more fulfilling life. And let us tell you, this isn’t for the weak. We have constructed a new woodshop, home and office in the beautiful terrain of the Tobacco Valley. We spent countless hours installing drywall to plumbing, tile to siding, and have felt the immense pressure and stress that comes with that large of an undertaking. To say that the last 18 months or so has been challenging would be the largest understatement. Ever. However, in the midst of hardship the team had a realization: the reason that things felt so impossible was that we had lost our connection to God. Through many months of prayer, and oh so many tears, it became apparent that the reason things had felt so heavy was due to the fact that God’s presence was missing in our lives. it was only when we decided to trust our faith in Him that we began to thrive again. Spiritually, mentally, and in various facets of life.

Our decision to rebrand was not made overnight, and it was a thoughtful process that reflected not only the TFTWood team personally, but the company's overall growth and mission. Those challenges of the past made us realize that we needed to shift our focus to better serve God and our customers. Therefore, a natural progression of this faith journey inspired us to put our trust in God; only then can we truly thrive. Simply put, TFTWood: Trust Faith & Thrive with us on this journey called life.

What does a rebrand mean for our website?

Great question! TFTWood.com was in need of a revival, especially in light of our new core values. So, we've worked hard to redesign a modern and fresh look that accurately represents who we are as a company. Our goal was to provide our customers with an improved experience, and we believe that we've succeeded in doing so. Our new website, brand identity, and content have all been carefully curated to serve you better than ever before. With easy-to-use features, streamlined navigation systems, and a mobile-friendly design, we know that you're going to love what we've created.

So, what does this mean for You?

Don’t worry, the website has a new look but we will continue to provide an exceptional customer experience. With our rebranding, we hope you find it easier than ever before to navigate through our website and find exactly what you need in no time at all. The mobile-friendly design also lets you access us from any device—whether it’s your phone or laptop!

We’re excited, so is there a preview of the new look?

Great question! YES! As part of our rebranding efforts, we have worked closely with talented artists to create artwork that reflects our new identity and the values we stand for. We wanted to make sure that the artwork not only captures the essence of our new look, but also inspires and uplifts our customers. The new designs include elements of nature and bold typography, with a focus on the colors of nature and the environment. We believe that this artwork will not only look great in your home or office, but it will also serve as a daily reminder of the power of Trusting Faith and Thriving in all aspects of your life. We are excited to share these designs with you and hope that they will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for you as you journey through life.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new TFTWood. We invite you to Trust your Faith & Thrive with us!

The TFTWood Team


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This is very exciting! I love seeing Faith in God at the center. What an accomplishment at building a new place. Congratulations on all of your hard work and I’m excited to see what you have coming!

DeAnna Cowan

Blessings for your re-branding. I missed hearing about your wood projects. I bought quite a few for special family gifts. I look forward to see where God is leading you now.

Linda Gilmartin

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