How to Host a Virtual Brunch: Halloween Edition


Friends!!! This year has been pure craziness, am I right?!

From mandatory quarantines to mandated homeschooling, it’s no wonder we are feeling a tad lonely, isolated, and legit over 2020. All of this chaos has made life seem just a bit more challenging and with all of that mess there is one thing that we are missing deeply. Connection. Friends. BRUNCH! I mean seriously though, we are missing brunch with friends and family!

From the sweet scent of cinnamon, the hissing of a steaming wand whipping up your latte to your girlfriends gathered around a communal table on the patio of a quaint cafe on a side street of downtown. That connection. Those weekend vibes. Simple things that we maybe took for granted pre-COVID. Listen, your life may not look the way it did six months ago but you can still eat, drink, and gather while practicing social-distancing. What better way to do that than with a Virtual Brunch?! Friends, it’s a thing...and it’s awesome us!

One of the best reasons to host a virtual brunch is a celebration. Whether it’s a promotion at work, an engagement, the fact that you survived being a homeschool teaching to your child this week without drinking before 10am, whatever your victory is. And speaking of celebrating why not use the upcoming holiday as your excuse to hold an epic Halloween themed virtual brunch? Go ahead, you know you want to.

Are you ready for the 4 essentials of slaying your first virtual Halloween themed brunch? Here it is:

Killer recipes, Spooky spirits, Deadly decor and 3-5 ghoul-friends. That’s it!

Step 1 - Killer Recipes🥐

Y'all the best part of brunch is that delicious aroma wafting through a restaurant, cafe, or in this case your kitchen. From the cinnamon in your oatmeal to the fresh citrus in your mimosa, your tastebuds will be dancing with the preparations alone!! That's why we highly recommend the following three recipes:

Pumpkin Pecan Baked Oatmeal

Colorful Brunch Frittata

The Brunch Board 

Step 2 - Spooky Spirits👻

What’s brunch without some mimosas or bloody mary’s? In addition to those staples, try these two festive Halloween cocktails!

3 Ingredient Candy Corn Cocktails 

Halloween Margaritas with Black Sugar YUM!!!

Step 3 - Deadly Decor - It’s Halloween Afterall 🦇

Why not have a little fun with your ghoul-friends and get in the holiday spirit? Seriously, who doesn't love a little festive decor?

From gourds to Halloween attire, keep your brunch lit with this addition...

Skull Charcuterie Boards

lotus sugar skull charcuterie boards resin

 Rose Sugar Skull Charcuterie Board

Handmade in the USA, each charcuterie board is inlaid with colorful, food-safe resin that makes plating anything a treat. Bonus: you can actually chop on them like a cutting board! Go ahead, treat yo’ self with one!

One more way to get in the Halloween spirit is to get crafty. Stay with us here, what’s more fun than throwing back a few cocktails, catching up on life’s happenings with your squad, and letting your inner-child get creative? Now hear us out here, remember a few years back with adult coloring books made a major comeback? Lol, that was ridiculously fun and we're not afraid to admit it. So it seems only perfect that we'd offer some DIY Decorations that each of your brunch attendees can color and share at your virtual brunch!! (Or you could keep the kiddos occupied for a bit while you catch up on life with your besties!) Win-Win!

Step 4 - Go Plan that Zoom Meeting!

Seriously friend, go plan that Zoom meeting so that your favorite ghoul-friends can attend! According to an awesome article by Bustle "Pick a date and time that works for you and your brunch crew. You want to make sure that you settle on a time that everyone can actually be present for, so get a group chat going and talk about this for a minute. For example, if your friends have kids, schedule your brunch during a nap. Or, if your friends live with other people, have them check with them to find a time that they can ensure a good hour or so of quiet, uninterrupted, private screen time, in a room, they can eat in that also has great WiFi. " Read More here.

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