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Make Cooking with Herbs Fast and Easy!

This Herb Stripper is An Essential Kitchen Tool That Makes Cooking with Herbs Fast and Easy!

Whether you’re a professional chef or a novice in the kitchen, everyone looks for those little ways to make cooking easier and faster. There’s nothing wrong with a little short cut here and there, right? There are tons of amazing kitchen tools out there that are designed to make your experience in the kitchen as quick and simple as possible – you just might not know they’re out there!

 For example, have you heard of our incredible herb stripper? It makes prepping all sorts of herbs and leafy vegetables a breeze! We’ll get into some more details about this essential kitchen tool in a moment.

It’s so important to cook with as many fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables as possible so you can get all of the right nutrients in your meals. However, prepping the ingredients for a big meal can be so time consuming! Think of all the peeling, coring, chopping, and slicing you have to do… just picturing it in your head is enough to make you say, “We’re ordering takeout tonight. I don’t feel like cooking.” We get it!

 That’s exactly why we’re bringing you all you need to know about this particular essential kitchen tool. It will completely transform the way you think about prepping ingredients, so cooking doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore! Everyone deserves to have the ability to cook quick, healthy meals for themselves and their families and we want to help show you the way.


Introducing “Herbie” the Herb Stripper

As promised, we’re talking about herb strippers. But not just any ‘ol herb stripper. “Herbie” the herb stripper! This herb stripper is handmade out of walnut wood right in Montana, USA. It features four different sized holes to fit most herbs that you can grow in the garden, find at the farmers market, or pick up at the grocery store.


This herb stripper is an essential kitchen tool because it allows you to separate herbs from their stems in one swift motion, instead of worrying about picking each leaf off one by one or having to practice any knife skills.


Just line up any herb’s stem to see which hole it will fit through, stick the end through the hole and pull! The leaves will fall into a pile on the counter and you can toss the stems right in the compost pile or trash can.


Herbie the herb stripper also has a convenient notch that helps you strip leaves off of leafy vegetables with stems that might not fit into any of the holes. The notch can easily pull the leaves off of veggies like kale and collard greens so you can whip up a delicious salad or soup in no time at all!




Save Time and Lower Food Waste

Have you ever got to the point in a recipe where it says, “pick off the herbs from the stem” and groaned at the mere thought? You could use a knife to try and chop off the herbs in one motion, but you risk missing some pieces which is a waste of food and your hard-earned money! Not to mention, we’ve all experienced a knife accident in one capacity or another. Why risk it?


An herb stripper is an absolutely essential kitchen tool because it helps you save so much: time, money, food…fingers! We’re here to say that knives are OUT and Herbie the herb stripper is IN!


Take rosemary, for example. It’s a delicious, savory herb that brings warmth to any dish – but it can be a real pain to prep! It’s similar to a small piece from a pine tree - many little needles attached to a stem. You could pick each one off individually, try to pull off any many at one time as you can, or lay it down and do your best to take separate the herb from the stem with a knife.



Using your hands will certainly take a few minutes, and a knife might not get each individual piece of rosemary! Herbie the herb stripper will take every single piece of rosemary off of the stem in one second or less.


Cooking with Fresh Herbs

You might be wondering at this point, “Well, why don’t I just use dried herbs?” We’re going to stop you right there!


Fresh herbs do what no dried herb can do, especially the delicate, leafy ones. Parsley, tarragon, rosemary, cilantro, and basil completely transform a dish in a way that dried herbs just can’t! Can you picture using dried basil in a caprese salad or putting dried cilantro on a taco? Absolutely not.


Herbie the herb stripper is your new best friend in the kitchen! No longer do you have to look at that bunch of dill and feel a sense of dread thinking about having to pluck of each leaf one by one. Simply line up the stem to the correct hole on your herb stripper, pull it through, and in under a second you have one-third of your caprese salad already prepped and ready to go.


Don’t risk losing the authentic flavor of your favorite dishes by opting for dried herbs when there’s the perfect solution for quickly prepping fresh herbs. There’s no doubt that you will impress your friends, your family, and even yourself with your newfound cooking skills! That’s why we say the herb stripper is an absolutely essential kitchen item. It can help turn the novice cook into a seemingly professional chef with just one small purchase.


Herbie is Waiting!
Herbie the herb stripper is ready and waiting to become an essential part of your kitchen. You can pick up your handmade wooden herb stripper today form TFTWOOD! We’re a husband-and-wife duo with four kids at home, so we know how valuable your time, energy, and money are. We’re here to hopefully make things just a little bit easier for you at home, starting with Herbie the herb stripper! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product or any of the other ones in our shop!

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