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At TFTWood, we are a family-run business built on the foundation of Trusting Faith and Thriving. Our founders, Zach and Tricia Tift, started this company in 2016 with their four children by their side and a mission to create pieces that not only look great, but represent their values and beliefs. Their passion for providing high-quality, sustainable apparel and home goods that inspire and motivate is evident in every piece they create. When you shop TFTWood, you're supporting a better world, where Trusting Faith is at the forefront of everything. Join us on this journey and experience the difference for yourself. At TFTWood, we believe that life is an adventure. We also believe that when you have faith in yourself, nature and a higher power you will flourish. That's why we created a line of products that help you unplug and connect with your innermost self. Our products are rooted in faith and designed to help you thrive in any situation. With TFTWood, you'll always be connected to your best self.

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