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Military Deployment Homecoming Hugs for Our Hero!

As many of you probably know, TFTWood is a small, family run business. Zach and I have been married for 15+ years and we have four beautiful children - Charli, Adam, Vicki and Joey. What you may not know is that is that we have spent the majority of those years traveling around the globe from assignment to assignment with the United States military. After 19 years of active duty service we managed to find ourselves face to face with a deployment. Truly, the fact that it took this long for us to experience what most military families experience several times was not lost on us. Luckily, it was only for 6 months and was in a place somewhat close to home. That being said, we spent 183 days apart from our favorite person. Our master woodworker, problem-solver, innovator, head of the household, and basically our glue that holds this family together. Most of the days blurred into a blob of time where I truly couldn't tell you what day of the week it was nor how many days it had been since we'd seen the outside - thanks COVID. But we survived and we are finally back together under one roof! The reason all of this is so important to us is that we've now completed that last hurdle of military obligation and we are quickly approaching retirement from the military. We are thrilled, relieved, and just so incredibly thankful for the last 20 years and the adventures we've taken together! But now comes the next chapter and friends it's going to be just that.....


So what's next...


So now you know WHY we're so happy! And any happy occasion in our home calls for a celebration! So for a limited time you can shop some of our favorite patriotic gifts at TFTWood!

Like our gorgeous food-safe, resin inlaid American Flag Cutting Board!

Or our Best Seller Herbie! Which is handcrafted by us and truly the perfect gift for any home cook!!


From the bottom of our hearts, Thank YOU for supporting our small business, for supporting our dream, and for supporting our family during the last 6 months! It's meant the world to every single one of us!

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