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Love Square One Christmas Candle

Love Square One

Joanna Palazzolo
Owner & Chandler

This limited edition scent smells just like Christmas time! It’s forward notes of fir balsam are complimented by soft notes of citrus. Curl up with some mulled wine and get cozy with this scent “Happy Holidays”

Note From Maker: For those who love the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree… this one’s for you! 

Andy Polish Pottery US

Dawna & Kevin Miller

Andy Polish Pottery is handmade and hand-painted. All pieces are personalized by an artist and are all very special and unique in their own design. No piece of Polish pottery will ever be the same.

One dish is all you need! Your pottery can go from marinades in the fridge, to bake in the oven, serve on the table, and freeze or microwave any leftovers . Enjoy your pottery every day as all pieces are microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe. 

Andy Polish Pottery
V. Isenhower Photography

V. Isenhower Photography

Val Isenhower
Owner & Photographer

Photo of a bright blue door and handle in Mesilla, NM. The photo invites the viewer to reach out and grab the handle. Available in 3 sizes of matted prints and dye infused aluminum. 

Blue Collar Joe Coffee Co

Kevin Andrew
Head Bean

Each time I smell coffee, I go back to the mornings Dad would twist off that thermos cap that became a little cup... pour some Joe in it, and pass it over carefully. From the hands that planted the seed, to the backs of the workers who picked the cherries, the hopes and dreams and ambitions of every single person who washed, shipped and roasted the beans - there was so much more than coffee in that cup.

Blue Collar Joe sampler pack coffee
DixieLand Candles

Dirt Road Boutique / DixieLand Candles

Kim & Gayla Prince
Owners & Chandlers

Hand-poured candles and bars
traditional & custom blended fragrances.
Organic body care products - lotion, shower gel, bar soap, foaming soap, beard oil and lip balm.
We also make hand sanitizer that is WHO, CDC & FDA approved!

The Ginko House

Lauren LiGreci B.

Exclusive for referrals from TFTWood - featuring free shipping on these handmade washable paper clutches! These have been hand-painted or hand-dyed by me and are made from a durable paper fabric that ages like leather, and can be washed, dried, sewn and stitched. This fabric ages like leather!

Blue Collar Joe sampler pack coffee
DixieLand Candles

Southwest Sunflower Pottery

Sarah Lovell

"Getting back to clay gives my life balance and rejuvenates my spirit so that I may care for my patients with a clear mind and an open heart. I enjoy creating both functional and non-functional work. All of my work is inspired by nature. I love to bring nature into the functional world to brighten everyday life."