TFTWood Attends Meta Boost Gather in Washington, D.C.

Representing TFTWood, CFO Patricia Tift was flown out to Washington, D.C. by Meta to attend Meta Boost Gather 2022 alongside 500 other business owners.

On May 16-18, TFTWood's CFO, Patricia Tift, had the exclusive opportunity to represent her small business in Montana by attending Meta’s Meta Boost Gather 2022 live in Washington, D.C. Meta, previously known as Facebook, hosted an event in which small business owners from all across the United States came together to learn, network, and discuss small business challenges on Capitol Hill. Patricia received an invitation to be one of the 500 leaders that were flown out, hosted, and celebrated for this year’s event, courtesy of Meta.

Senator Tester on Capitol Hill in Washington DC with Montana Business Owners Riley Tubbs of TenMileCreek Brewery and Patricia Tift of TFTWood
Pictured Above: Senator Tester, Patricia Tift (TFTWood), Riley Tubbs (TenMileCreek Brewery)

A part of the Leaders Network Group on Facebook since 2019, Patricia Tift has had multiple conversations with fellow members virtually, but Meta Boost Gather gave her the opportunity to talk face-to-face in a safe and efficient manner. As the owner of TFTWood, a Montana-based business founded in October of 2016, she joined a fellow business member from Helena, and met with Senator Tester’s office to discuss some of the problems small businesses in Montana are experiencing. Many other members of the Leaders Network also had the opportunity to meet with their policy makers from their own states and markets.

When asked about her experience Patricia responded, “This was a phenomenal opportunity for not only my business but for me as an individual. Running an e-commerce kitchenware gift shop online, I often miss the face-to-face interactions we used to have at art shows and festivals where we sold in person. Pivoting online has allowed us to increase our reach beyond in person events and leveraging Facebook and many of Meta’s other products in the has been imperative to our success.”

Although there were 500 people in attendance, they were also virtually joined by hundreds of other business owners, thanks to much of the event being live streamed.